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Mahindra World City
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Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector

Mahindra World City focuses on creating sustainable urban communities by establishing Integrated Business Cities, enabling transformation of Life, Living and Livelihood.


A veritable city of the future in its conception and execution, Mahindra World City offers business infrastructure and social &  residential facilities in a composite environment, which makes the perfect synergy between life and work a reality.

 With clearly demarcated business, social and residential zones, and complementing  physical infrastructure, the City has been meticulously mapped for economic success and growth.

 Presently operational at two key destinations, -Chennai in South India and Jaipur in the North, Mahindra World City's business dossier boasts over 100 customers from the US, Europe and Asia, including such corporate giants as BMW, B Braun, Deutsche Bank, ICICI Bank, Fujitec, Infosys,  Ingersoll Rand, Lear Corporation  JCB, Timken Bearings, State Bank of India and Tesa Tapes among others. The two operational World Cities have generated  employment for over 35,000 persons and generated exports worth ~ Rs 5,000 crores in  FY 2011 – 12