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Destination Chennai

Destination Chennai

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Destination Chennai

A city with a history spanning 369 glorious years. A city that has stood the test of time. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and India’s fourth largest metropolitan city, is located on the Coromandel Coast.

With an estimated population of 7.60 million (2006), Chennai is the 36th largest metropolitan area in the world. One of India’s fastest growing commercial and industrial centres, Chennai ranks among India’s top destinations for business and infrastructure. The city is the gateway to South East Asia home to many global corporate giants.

  • Chennai is the capital of the second most industrialized state and fifth largest economy in India
  • The “Detroit of India” leading IT destination and emerging hardware manufacturing hub
  • Low cost of living (Mercer Study 2006)
  • Excellent educational infastructure, with world-renowned institutions of higher education and technology, which produces over 80,000 graduates every year
  • High literacy rate of 80.14%; English speaking workforce
  • Pioneer in healthcare services; known for its super-specialty hospitals
  • International airport with 270 passenger flights and 30 cargo flights a week – the largest in South India - and two modern international seaports
  • Peaceful living conditions, stable law and order
  • Excellent entertainment facilities, including the world’s second longest beach front, exotic beach resorts, cultural hotspots, theme parks and golf courses